Indonesia Bans Kratom Exports

The Indonesian Ministry of Food and Drugs issued an order on Feb 25, 2013 banning the export of kratom from Indonesia for a period of one year.

This ban will shortly effect your ability to buy kratom as 95% of the kratom exported to the US comes from Indonesia. Most ‘Thai’ kratom sold in the US does not come from Thailand but is grown in Indonesia using Thai variants (a limited amount of real Thai kratom finds its way from Thailand to Indonesia and is then exported to the US.)

Our sources in Indonesia tell us that so far the ban is only being enforced in Borneo and used to stop large bulk shipments, but the future supply of all Indonesian kratom and prices are expected to remain uncertain for the forseeable future.

Most kratom vendors in the US only keep 2-3 weeks of stock on hand so stocking up on your favorite kratom strain (expecially Borneo varieties) seems like a good idea. We recommend KHI Botanicals for top quality kratom at the best prices.

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Is kratom a beneficial herb or the new ‘legal high’?

What Is KratomKratom is a medicinal herb, the leaf of the kratom tree. It has been used traditionally for pain relief and to fight fatigue in its native Southeast Asia for thousands of years. Opium addiction has been a concern in this area and kratom has been known for centuries to ease the effects of withdrawal from opiates. The active alkaloids in kratom interact with the same opioid receptors as codeine but to a lesser degree, and kratom is not addicting.

Contrary to reports in the media, kratom is not a new ‘legal high.’ The kratom tree is in the same family as coffee and has about as much potential for abuse. Kratom is legal to use in the US and has become a popular herbal remedy for chronic pain and as an energy boost. Users report that small amounts of kratom (5-6 grams) provide a lift similar to coffee while larger doses (8-10 grams) are relaxing.

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